How to Train Your Cats Not to Scratch The Furniture: The Benefits of Cat Kitten Scratching Post

Do you want to train your cat not to scratch the furniture? Are wondering whether investing in cat scratching is a worthwhile investment? In this blog post, we will share with you why the best time to invest in a cat scratching pad is now!

Here are some benefits of a cat scratching pad. 

1) Stress Relief

Cats love to scratch different surfaces because it helps them sharpen their claws and keep them healthy, stretch their muscles, and mark their territories. So that’s why they usually scratch the furniture, but when you constantly try to keep them away from things they are scratching, it can cause anxiety and stress in them. So that’s why a cat scratching pad can be really useful because it gives them a dedicated place where they can scratch freely and reduce their stress.

2) High-Density Material

A scratching pad designed for cats can be an excellent substitute for household items that they tend to scratch. These pads are made of density fine corrugated paper material, which provides cats with a natural feeling as they scratch. Using scratching pads instead of furniture can also be more calming for cats, making it easier for them to give up their habit of scratching furniture. 

3) Ergonomic Design

Cats can quickly adapt to using a scratching pad due to its ergonomic design. It provides them with a comfortable and relaxing posture to scratch their claws and loosen their muscles. On the other hand, when cats scratch on the furniture, they have to access difficult positions and feel uneasy. The scratching pad is placed on the ground so that cats can easily scratch it without any discomfort.

4) Safe and Pet Friendly

A cat scratching pad is a perfect accessory for every cat owner. It doesn't cause any harm or injury to the cat's claws, regardless of how long they scratch. Compared to furniture, which could be too hard and may contain paint with harmful chemicals, the material of the pad is safer for cats. Moreover, a scratching pad provides a soft and comfortable option for cats to scratch on.

5) Portable and Easy to Carry

Cats often have a favorite spot in the house they like to sit in, but unfortunately, the furniture they want to scratch may be in a different area. This can force them to choose between their favorite spot and their scratching needs. However, a scratching pad can be a convenient and portable solution to this problem. You can easily place it in the spot where your cat likes to spend most of its time.

6) Decorative Design

"When a cat scratches furniture, it not only damages the furniture's appearance, but the cat also doesn't seem to enjoy the process. However, a scratching pad has a nice design and is intended for cats to scratch, making it a more attractive option for both the cat and furniture.

7) Affordable and Cost-Effective

Using a pet scratching pad is a very affordable and cost-effective way to train your cat not to scratch the furniture. It is inexpensive enough that you can even have multiple scratching pads that you can place in various parts of your home. This ensures the furniture remains safe, no matter where your cat wants to scratch.

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